Monday, December 22, 2008

At Year's End.

It's time for a new calendar. Now, normally this means I'd just get on some website, use their template, throw in some pictures, and done. But I'll be darned if it wasn't really fun to do my own from "scratch". Really, it was a hoot. I'll be lookin' forward to it next year, man. Oh, and I made sure all the important stuff got put on there. You know, like when "Lost" returns, and so forth.
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My favorite? July. Love that fat baby eating sand.


WhettenWild said...

That is so cute! I would love a copy of it.

Jen said...

That's beautiful! Love it! I think I will try and make one at some point. Like a birthday calendar so I can remember everyone's birthday's. I really suck at trying to remember them all!

dena4kids said...

Next time I am coming to your house! I love it! Nice job. I think I will make one for me and Nathan.

Jess said...

Love this calendar. I want the files...he he. I don't even want to think about making one.

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