Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Week In Pictures.

Because Halloween never dies in this house, we shopped the post-Halloween sale:
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Jamison loves his hoodie. I tried putting everything up until next year, but the kids begged and begged. Oh alright. I'm such a nice mom.
I bought this 'cause it reminded me of my bro's:
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No, not the message; it's our favorite muppet.
I also got them the softest little blanket.
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But is it just me, or does it say "Poo" all over it? ;)
My porch is coated in ladybugs. Now I ain't complainin'; if they're gonna be coated in a bug, let it be the ladies. But where are they coming from? Have you noticed 'em too? And how come they always land in my hair, on my part?
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I'm a little lacking in Sunday apparel, so I bought myself a few things, including this little number:
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I totally love it. And it's totally too short. Again. Who'da thought 5'8 was so extra tall?
Here we have adorable little Hillary's birthday party. I tell you that little gal is one of the cutest I've seen. Here's the point where she notices she's getting help with blowing out her candles. We won't specify which child it was; we'll just call him Jace T. Oh wait that's too obvious, J. Tremayne. (stole your joke Brit ;)
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Sorry, Stef.


WhettenWild said...

That blanket definitely says poo all over it. Well, I guess poo can be really scary!!

Trina said...

The birthday party pic is absolutely priceless!

Jen said...

What fun times! I went to the Walmart in Randleman after Halloween stuff and they didn't have much. Hopefully A'boro has more costumes to choose from! Maybe the word poo is the actual term that was once used during Halloween. I mean, come on, don't scary things scare the "poo" right out of ya?~

dena4kids said...

Hey Animal was my fav too! "Woman! Women!" Can't you just hear him!heehee Love the halloween goodies! Nathan wants to see ALL the pics from the party.So you had better not deleted any of them! Or else!(Nathan's words not mine=)