Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman.

This here's my car tax bill. Yes, they tax you on vehicles in this state. Really, it's not so much the money, as it is the principle of the thing.
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On a much less snarky note, this lil letter has been written at least a dozen times:
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If one word was misspelled we had to start all over again.
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I love his little letter. But it looks like I need to teach my boy how to fold. Oh, and here's what's on that Christmas list, in this order:
1. Indiana Jones (he wants the lego's game for the PS3)
2. Remote Control Helicopter
3. Ball
4. Bow & Arrow
5. Play-Doh
Now if only he hadn'ta glanced in the trunk and seen most of those things yesterday. D'oh.


dena4kids said...

Oh no!! Don't you just hate that! I am scared our kids are going to find Santa's stash. Their lists get longer and longer with every commercial they see. Oh the joys of Christmas!=)

Jen said...

I'm with ya! You could always use our storage unit (aka the red truck) that way they'd never see it!

WhettenWild said...

I can't believe you wrote that on the envelope! You rock!

The Schoonies said...

You crack me up! And hiding gifts was a lot easier when they were younger.