Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tu-too cute.

The very talented Jennifer made these for my lil nieces:
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Aren't they just adorable?
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I'm so excited to send these off.
Jennifer said to me: "Don't you just want to have a girl?" Um yeah, but only for the tutu's! Sigh. Well a mom can dream, right?
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Oh come on! He won't remember later.


Jessie said...

All Janey needs is a bow! :)

Your nieces are going to love the tutus! So cute!

dena4kids said...

HE LOOKS SOOOO CUTE!!!! Love the tutus!!!

WhettenWild said...

Those turned out so cute! But...Johnny is going to kill you later. ha ha.

Heidi said...

he looks so cute in that! They really are cute tutus!

Jen said...

I think the pink and brown goes great with John's skin tone. They look great on him! I've got some pictures of Ethan with tutu's on too. They'll be great yearbook pictures one day!

The Schoonies said...

The tutu is adorable! And a very cute boy wearing the tutu!!!