Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The State Of My House.

Well, parts of it.
This here's my computer. Although the lines are blurred between "his" and "hers" now 'cause I kinda took over Jeff's comp. Faster cpu, better video card, more ram, you see. Anyway I digress. The point of the comp case Jeff chose was to have the ability to lock it, so as to keep out busy little hands. The key for it is in Utah. And, a certain child ripped the cover off its hinges. Johnny knows this and loves it, and then proceeds to turn it on and off, on and off, on and off, on and off. . .
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Hey. The duct tape does it's job.
"Why pay someone to fix something when you can fake fix it yourself?"
-Conal Whetten
But did you see my new printer? I've been without one so long. How I love it.
My good friends Ashlie & Trent once brought us a gallon of this:
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Well, not this exact brand. But have you had apple juice (or cider) fresh, not from concentrate? Oh man. Dee-licious. Brings me back to the days of the 90's juicer craze. I bought that there jug last night. Not gonna last long.

Our big tree took a big dump on our lawn overnight.
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Now I'm seriously considering running out Friday afternoon (the spinster neighbor does her yard work EVERY Friday afternoon, rain or shine), camera in hand, and snap away while her OCD gets the best of her and she uses the blower to put every single leaf back on my lawn in a perfectly straight (property marker line) line. You don't believe me, huh? That's why I need pictures.
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Um, apparently Thursdays are now recycle days only. That's not too big a deal, if I hadn't forgotten the last two times. Doesn't this make you feel like you can smell something or hear the sound of flies buzzing? And who takes a picture of their garbage, anyway?


WhettenWild said...

L know the leaves are a huge mess but that is such a pretty picture! I dare you to take pictures of your neighbor. I want to see them!

dena4kids said...

The leaves are really pretty! Noah was ooooing and aweing(is that how you spell it?) at them when we came over. All we have are evergreens. I think that would be so funny to see a picture of your crusty neighbor!!Do it girl!

Jessie said...

I'm patiently waiting for the pics of the OCD line. You may even get a shot of one PO'ed lady!

Heidi said...

i bet it would make her suspicious if you took a picture of the line in the leaves:) do it

Jen said...

I'm in too! I've already voiced my opinion on this matter to ya!;-)