Friday, November 7, 2008

Quotes of The Week.

1. Sunday dinner prayer, Jace speaking: "Thank you for the poo. Please bless it." Jace has a problem with the "f" sound, but I didn't expect the absence of the "d". And like the mature 28 year old I am, I covered my face and quietly laughed. Hard.

2. Moi, at the dentist office: okay there's no way to document my weird yell/scream. They put this stuff on my huge canker, and they warned me "it burns". I assumed "burns" meant like using mouth wash. No. They meant like striking a match and laying it on there. Just know I sounded like my grandma on Space Mountain at Disneyland.

3. Jamison, after seeing the new toothbrush I brought home with me: "Mom can I have this toothbrush? You can use mine. No? Mine's fine Mom! Or we could share this one." That's okay, bud. Thanks though.

4. Jace, speaking to Dena (and showing her the house rules): "You can't say 'poo.' Like if there was poo on the milk. That's bad." What? Is this how it went, Dena?


dena4kids said...

close but you have to add about 5 more poos in there.LOL He cracks me up!
example "Dena you can't say poo,cause if you say poo than that is bad, because we don't say poo,and if poo was on the milk that would be bad, cause we don't say poo....."=)

Jessie said...

You are very controlled to have just been able to laugh silently. I would have erupted, I think.

You guys and your dentist trauma....that place is always evil to the T's!

WhettenWild said...

Was your head bobbing up and down like grandma's? ha ha just kidding. Why did they put stuff on your canker?

Jen said...

ROTFL! I can so picture Jace saying that. Wish I could've witnessed that one first hand.

The Schoonies said...

Oh, the things kids say! We have to hold our laughs in too during prayers. Jack says horny for hungry!

Jessie said...

wow, that's a heel!