Friday, November 21, 2008


I think Jennifer and I have done gone crazy. We just wanted some decent snaps of our boys. But this means taking out what amounts to 3 sets of twins 5 and under. And of course, when taking out boys that like to play, and especially play together, craziness ensues. One of us should have taken the pics, and the other should have manned a camcorder.
I think it might be a 5 year old phase to forget how to smile naturally.?
From jenniferchristmas

From jenniferchristmas

Wait, boys, wait. Come back!
From jenniferchristmas

Here we have the brotherly noogie.
From jenniferchristmas

Nah, really we did get some happy and decent ones, despite taking pics dead center in the day.
From jenniferchristmas

What this doesn't display is the bitter, freaking coldness of the day.
From jenniferchristmas

Poor, poor little guy.
Here Lucas gets his model on.
From jenniferchristmas

From jenniferchristmas

Look at that kid's eyes.


Jen said...

It seriously was so fetching cold! I don't think I've been that cold in a while. You did an amazing job, cold and all! I love em'! Thanks again!

dena4kids said...

They are really cute pictures! I love the trees! That would be a cute picture. I need to pick a day to take some of mine.=)

WhettenWild said...

Those are great pics as usual Mandi! I'm sure it was an interesting day trying to get pictures of all of those boys!

Jessie said...

i think they turned out great! nice skills, mandi! nice boys, jen!