Monday, November 10, 2008

Architectural Digest.

Oh how I love a brilliant piece of architecture.
From Catfish Landing

We got to tour this beauty, which will make it's grande debut in just two weeks. (Disclaimer: sunlight was fast fading and I don't have a fancy fill flash. I tried.)
Hmm, bet ya can't tell one (of many) of my favorite things about it:
From Catfish Landing

From Catfish Landing

From Catfish Landing

Oh, alright I'll spell it out: wrap-around porch with THAT view. Wow. Can you imagine cooking away in your kitchen (and oh, that kitchen; it's a dream kitchen, really) with that view?
From Catfish Landing

I mean, natural curtains for your house, people!
This here's the "Bye Bye Birdie" staircase:
From Catfish Landing

Oh oh! And this part of the house too:
From Catfish Landing

That spiral staircase leads to the Lookout Tower. Yes, I said the Lookout Tower. Oh you're right, you're right, we do need the view looking down from the Tower.
From Catfish Landing

And not to mention the stage/theatre room:
From Catfish Landing

That's what I'm talking about.
It would just be a travesty to not discuss the part of the house that is every kids' dream:
See me in this mirror? This two-way mirror? Where I can be spied on from a secret room? It's secret doorway is hidden by a bookcase. No it's not crooked. Apparently I am.
From Catfish Landing

And nearby the secret room lies an indoor slide.
From Catfish Landing

No need for crisco on this bad boy. I hope the picture gives an impression on the speed of this slide:
From Catfish Landing

And if you noticed next to that slide, a room perfect for the little 'uns to play:
From Catfish Landing

(no big people allowed.)
Of course this tour could not be complete without a view of the 1st floor living space:
From Catfish Landing

Thank you thank you for letting us have a sneak peek! Now I wonder what we could do to seriously kiss up for a trip when it's complete. . .


Jessie said...

This post makes me covetous.

Whose house is this? It's amazing!

WhettenWild said...

Is that sister Craig's house? That is so cool!

Trina said...

That is THE BEST tour of Catfish Landing!! (No offense meant to Uncle Bob.) It's all my kids can talk about anymore . . . Disneyland hasn't been mentioned here in months!

dena4kids said...

WOW!!! That is beautiful!!! Well done Brother and Sister Craig!What a house!!!!

Jen said...

What a fun place!

Renee said...


Oh, I'm turing green...a dark, deep shade of green. Wrap around porch in a home like that is SO my dream house...because if you can afford a home like that, you can probably afford help to clean it! :) I love that built in book case too. Oh my gosh!

The Schoonies said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL house! I love the view, the wrap around porch...thanks for sharing!