Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taking a moment to be partisan.

Since October 10th is thee very last day we have here to register to vote, I want to take this opportunity to tell you to get in gear and vote this year. I also want to tell you why you should vote for Obama:

1. Socialized health care. Because you want to go to the doctor and have it run as smoothly as going to the DMV, or the passport office. Heck, you like being treated that way. You want to come home with horror stories like the stories I've got from other socialized countries. Remember that terrible story of the woman in L.A. who died in the lobby of the hospital and no one would help her? Don't be confused; that was a government-run hospital. It's what you have to look forward to!
2. You believe that the ever-expanding government knows better than you do what to do with your money. You believe that they should take whatever they want, and give it to anyone with an outstretched hand. Because frankly, you're too stupid and selfish to help anyone in true need.
3. You believe that it's about time that the darned government offer to pay for your daycare (huge air quotes: "early childhood development"),and your kid's education, including college. Never mind that again it'll all run like the DMV, because you like it that way.
4. Want same sex marriages to be legalized? Is this why you're voting the Obama/Biden ticket? Well (this week at least), they won't be helping you out with that.
5. Think it's Bush's fault that the economy took a serious dive? Let here and here help you see what's going on behind the scenes.
Oh Oh! I have a great idea. While we're at it, why don't we just let the government take all our money, and then they can redistribute it and make it "fair". Ever read "1984"?
Go Obama! Woot! We get too much money back each paycheck anyway.


Jen said...

I am so PRO Obama! SIKEEEEE!

WhettenWild said...

Very well said! You forgot to mention that it is a good idea to be "friends" with terrorists as well.

Today is the last day to register in Texas........

Trina said...

Well said! I was going to email this post to my husband, but he already has a crush on Sarah Palin, and I don't need any more competition!

Jessie said...


Love this post.

dena4kids said...

Nice one Mandi!=) I was surprised when Biden said that they were against same sex marriage. I was like, "SINCE WHEN?"
Oh yeah and you forgot all their "positive" (haha)thoughts on abortion. Go Obama. NOT!