Friday, October 31, 2008

Peanut Butter Kisses

Are what these bad boys are called.

I thought they were universally hated as the most grotesque halloween candy ever made, but I said to Jeff years ago "Hey you know those one candies that are black & orange and wrapped like taffy?" And he said "Yeah! I love those!" Seriously?

I gave the boys the chance to choose their own costumes this year. Jamison said "Skeleton!" Jace "Ghost!", and then I pulled out their old costumes out of the attic (shudder; the attic had a living thing up there a few months back. I heard it scratching in the wee hours several times), they were overjoyed to find their old costumes and wanted nothing else. Suhweet. No extra moolah, and no work for me.
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The highlowlights of Trunk Or Treat would be 2 incidents of indecency.
When I said "time for our costumes!" after setting up, they really got on top of things.
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Not pictured: Jace needing to hit it to the little boy's room, shuffling from the cultural hall to the men's with pants at ankles, and Sis. Craig hurrying him/shielding him from other's unsuspecting eyes.
Despite the nudity I brought with me, it was some real good times.
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Final Halloween tradition: the Halloween evening meal. Chili dogs, chips, & squirt. Divine. No pics. Someone forgot to recharge the battery. It was um, Jeff. Treak or Treating rocked for the boys, & the company was even better. Jeff said it nicely: "Wow the kids have a lot of candy. Oh. .. a special dark. . .Jace won't appreciate this like I will." Yoink.

Well, to make a long story short (too late), Halloween: awesome, baby.


Alissa said...

i love those peanut butter kisses! they're totally my favorite!

The Schoonies said...

Love the pants at the ankle part of the story. I have a little streaker boy as well. He has no prob running out of the house naked to have me help him put his clothes back on after using the bathroom. I am not sure why they have to completely undress to go?!?
Glad you had an awesome Halloween!

Jen said...

I hope next years trunk or treat is a little better organized. I think we should have a chili cook-off and really "season" up the place. We had a great time last night. I wish Halloween was 2 nights in a row!!

WhettenWild said...

The kids look super cute! Don't worry about Jace.......his twin cousin has done similar things =)