Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nothing In Life Is Really Free.

I don't mean to get all political on y'all. Okay fine, I do. And know that I'm mostly kidding, but only mostly.
Someone give me a real good reason for this. Help me understand, please. So, ya buy a house, right. For most of us, it's the biggest purchase of our life. Some say "home is where the heart is", and some say it's "a noose around your neck". Well, the payment, anyway. Well it's that time of year:
So you bought a house. Now, you owe the government. You OWE them. And if ya don't pay up, you'll get penalized. Ever seen the breakdown on these bad boys? Wait a second, I thought the library was free! Oh ho no sister. You pay $100 a year, whether you buy books from Amazon or pirate check 'em out. It ain't just your late fees that are keeping the library a running. Hmm, wonder if I read $100 worth of books that I pirated checked out? Wonder if I'd a saved money buying 'em?
Wait a second: I've owned my house now for 3 years last month, and I've paid, what? $1,188.95 per year to the school district? But my kids don't go to school, yet. I thought public education was free. What about all that other tax money that goes to schools? My parents haven't had anyone in public school for 8 years; can they have their $9,511.60 back? They could buy a new Rhino with that.
"Oh come on. People need help. You need to help out with the schools whether you have kids in there or not." Aw, everyone helping each other; how sweet. Mandatory, forced charity. Hold on, isn't that. . . dare I say it. . . socialism?
Wait: I'm paying for sewer and water again? Don't I pay for that monthly, with taxes added to every bill?
Well, let's see here: fine. I'll pay for mosquito control 'cause I certainly do hate mosquito's.
Clark Planetarium?? I don't even know where that is. We're paying for that? Can I have a refund on the flood control portion? There wasn't any floods this time around (or last year, or last year, or last year. . . )
If you live in a different state and you've got a higher tax bill, I'd love to hear! Unless it's none of my darn business, that is, and you can certainly say so.


Jen said...

Taxes suck! There's no way around em'!

Jessie said...

yep, i know. it stinks. we pay for weber water and guess what?....we don't even get weber water. it's just strange.

WhettenWild said...

I WISH my taxes were only $2,100! Aparently they are even worse in Chicago. grrrrrr.

The Schoonies said...

Reminds me of my consumer class at the U where every class the professor would remind us that there really isn't such a thing as a sale and that nothing is free. I would dread hearing him say it and did not and still do not want to believe him!!