Monday, October 6, 2008

More for later

From vacay2

Can you believe my mom fit all that in a teensy piece of luggage? It was all about air-tight plastic bags. Outfits (with jackets), jammies, swim trunks; my kids are set. Thanks Grandma!

From vacay2

This here's the bag y'alls voted on back in the day. Ain't it cute? It's just screamin' to be taken to the beach.

From vacay2

Okay, note the couple watching something on their laptop in the background. I'll let my little cartoon bubbles 'splain the rest.
From vacay2

From vacay2

From vacay2

From vacay2

Because my dad knows I like candid snaps:
From vacay2

Ah, Dad. You slay me.

Yeah, I talked her into doing the potty dance.
From vacay2


Jen said...

Love the pictures. I wish I didn't have to worry about clothes for my boys. Freakin' sweet! Did Jace really just drop his pants and start going? LOL! That is so Lucas. Boys!!!!

Jessie said...

Monique looks so much like your mom!

What a wardrobe! I bet it's from Shopko. I know you miss that store.

Oh, Jace! What a character!

Heidi said...

Sweet ! that's a nice wardrobe. Something you don't have to worry about.

Trina said...

I envy your mom's packing skills! Way to go!

Can I ask what program you use for your captions and arrows? I love them!

dena4kids said...

LOL that is soooo funny about the pool. Totally a boy thing!=) Love the pics as always.

Mandi said...

I use photoshop -- the arrows were a free brush I picked up online. You want the file?

WhettenWild said...

I love Jace! He rocks! I love all of your pictures too.

Grandma RULES!!!

Trina said...

I realize that no self-respecting SLR owner would admit this, but I don't have photoshop. (SHH!) But thanks for the offer! I was hoping it was an undiscovered feature of Picasa (not my main image program, but it's what I blog out of).