Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Also A Family Tradition.

We very well might have as many or more traditions for Halloween as Christmas.
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As I's reachin' for the bags of tootsie pops, the blow pops sat nearby innocently, saying "we're better tasting!" I mean 'cause, really, they are.
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But I suppose it's only a matter of time 'til I have a gum incident, huh?
Time to carve the pumpkins. But Jamison wanted to decorate the small one first.
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Huh. Well, son. . . that's very, um, creative there.
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Carving really just consists of Jeff cutting while I explain why the boys can't use the ginormous knife.
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Jace, no! It'll eat your hand!!
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Just kiddin' buddy.
There's my pumpkin:
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I can so see why it'd be fun to do grafitti. Spray painting is a hoot.
Ga, now you're eatin' the flowers?
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Last but not least, the caramel dip.
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The Schoonies said...

Love all the Halloween traditions. Fall is a fun time!

dena4kids said...

Cute pumpkins! Love that caramel dip! YUMMY!!

Jessie said...

Double-dippin' or not, that dip looks delicious! I may have to try the spray paint therapy sometime.

WhettenWild said...

mmmm. I love that carmel dip. I should make that this week.

I love that picture of Jace pulling his hand back out of the pumpkin. That is so cute!

Your BYU pumpkin turned out totally cute!!! Love it!

Jen said...

How cute! We haven't even cut a pumpkin this year! Guess I'd better get on the ball!