Thursday, October 16, 2008

I totally stole

these ideas from Pottery Barn. I love their catalog! What can I say?
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I love the fall mantlepiece idea-- see my little gargoyle up there? Tee hee. They have an even better one for Christmas (pictures, stockings, candles. . . oh my!) which I shall copy as well. Can't wait! Again I must say to Pottery Barn, please don't discontinue your stockings, please! I'm not done having children! Hmm, maybe I should just order two more. I don't have names picked out but the one could say "The next one", and the other: "And the next one", with a subtitle of "guess Jeff got his own way". Whadaya think?
Now I know I sound like I've got ants in my pants and I'll decorate right after Halloween, but not so. I shall wait until the day after Thanksgiving (but not a day more :).
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The wreath's from LL Bean; hmm, maybe it doesn't really "go". But I don't really care. It's stayin'.
Also, I'm soo happy with how this turned out:
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(which I also stole from PB). Seein' the problem with it though? It's all I see when I look at it. A certain boy tried to hang it on his own. Arg. I had to have it reprinted. I'm so frustrated. Unless I coulda ironed it without ruining it.?. Anyway, feel free to steal from me (who stole from PB).


Jen said...

Those are SOO cute! Look at you Miss crafty pants! I want to try em'~

dena4kids said...

Very nice job! I like the wreath and it works for christmas!I can't wait to decorate!=)

dena4kids said...
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WhettenWild said...

Love your mantle! So cute! Both things are so cute!

Jessie said...

Please share with us the directions for making the last sign! I want one!

Very cute stuff!

Mandi said...

I just made it with photoshop! If anyone wants me to change it to their taste lemme know!