Friday, October 17, 2008

I Like The Night Life.

Three nights in a row of someplace to be. Doesn't happen very often for me! Now, since my hubby doesn't come home 'til 9:00 now I had to bring the boys. Sigh.
Enrichment this week was just for me. No really, it was. Huh Dena?
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It was the bread making/cake decorating spectacular spectacular. Here we have the queen of the dough:
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Wow I almost called you "Sister Whetten". That was strange. . .
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This is her Betty Crocker pose.
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So what have I learned?
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I've learned that I need a really fancy mixer in order to make bread as well as Sister Craig (I'm teasing!), and that trying to pipe frosting correctly feels like trying to write with my right hand. Meaning totally weirdo. I think I need private, extensive lessons for both.
Now, Wednesday was YW. I'd a had interesting pictures if I'd a taken pictures of the boys and their insaneness throughout the church. Moving on:
The Ford Breast Cancer Awareness party.
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Now, I've got one of these tats on my ankle: (shoulda done the "Tramp Stamp" on the small of my back, huh? sorry thought that phrase was too funny not to share)
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but I must say I like it best on the babes.


WhettenWild said...

I with ya....I need lessons on bread making and cake decorating as well. Love the baby tatoos. ha ha!

Jen said...

I had a good time. Still pissed that I couldn't go to homemaking, though....that dang ole' flu

dena4kids said...

I love the tatoos on the boys! I had a lot of fun. GIRLS RULE BOYS DROOL! sorry I just had to get that out.heehee=)

dena4kids said...

PS I love girls night out. I can't wait for the next one!

Heidi said...

it was fun at good pointers.

love the boys and their tats!

Trina said...

Mmmm - Aunt Arlene's bread. Consider yourself exceptionally lucky!

I just realized I had gone to leave a comment last night on your blog and never got around to it, so if your traffic feed shows I've been on your blog for 24 hours, I promise I'm not combing through your every post!