Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Had The Bug.

I've used this picture before. It's just so much more useful this season though, no?

Last weekend, the entire family, sans moi, had the stomach bug. I thought I got lucky and avoided it again. Not so. I came down with the "bug of death" (just teasin'; I have had worse) Monday night. It's the kinda bug you'd like to just lay in the fetal position to relieve some of the nausea/cramping. It's bundles of fun.
Well, come Tuesday evening: 8:00 pm roughly, I was a tad tired of nearly 24 hours of nausea. Jeff was in a meeting still (who starts a meeting at 7:30 pm? Oh wait duh. Jeff's work does. Silly me). Well, when I get to feelin' real ill, I tend to feel a little sorry for myself. Oh fine. A lot sorry for myself. So the kids are awake, waiting to see daddy for a minute or two, I'm contemplating sitting in the bathroom next to the toilet, it's now 8:30, and Johnny throws his giant cranium back into my mouth. I swear he's shifted my front teeth a tad. Well, that was the final straw. And am I the only mom out there who cannot stand getting hit in the face?
So I had myself a good long pity cry. Real hard. I mean all kinds of black mascara smears, and I didn't even care to go clean myself up. Jeff says when he gets home at 9:00: "Your eyes look a little black. You okay? You cryin' 'cause I get home so late or because you're sick?" Both, my dear. Both. And then I quietly cry some more.
Now remember Mandi! "When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed. . . " 'Cause, ya gotta remember, you're SERIOUSLY so blessed, right? I'll spare you the ooey gooey (real, truly important) details of why I need to be grateful; but I will give you some other 'uns.

-Floss swords. They're just so much better than string.
-Whenever the ice machine gets clogged. I get to snag the hammer and knock out the ice. That is really a hoot.
-The water pressure in this house. It's so low that the shower's real quiet, and I can hear if my kids are fighting while I wash my hair. Course, it takes me twice as long, but that's ok.
-The game "Monsters" on PS3. It is so my fave.
-The way Jace tells me what a good boy he's gonna be today, when he just did something really, really bad. Man he's got me wrapped around his little finger.
-My 4 slot toaster. We really enjoy toast around here. You should get one.
-My American Idol Wannabe time. This blog has free sheet music, and it has nearly everything I've ever wanted to own. Currently printed out: "Winner Takes It All" (Go Abba!), "The Luckiest" (Ben Folds), and "My Immortal", Evanescence. So I pretend to be Brooke White (nay, not the phony baloney sincerity), and sing and play to myself while my kids beg me to stop. Never mind that the best thing I could say about my voice is that I sing on key. Mostly.

Maybe I'll make a full nerdy list in my journal. That sounds way fun. And a definite perker upper.


Jessie said...

I'm so sorry, but doesn't a good cry feel amazing from time to time? I hope you are feeling better. And, I would love to hear you sing a little tune....bust out the camcorder!

WhettenWild said...

Sorry you got bashed in the face. I hate that! I'm glad you are feeling better.

I have to agree about the floss swords. Actually, I am using as I read your blog. ha ha!

Jen said...

Being sick is awful! I'm glad you feel better. Getting hit in the face by a child is the one thing that will send me over the edge. Especially when they purposely throw their little heads back and bust your lip. Maybe it's just my kids, but dang, it freaking hurts!

dena4kids said...

I agree Jennifer! That is one thing that drives me crazy! You see their little face and they think they are so funny!!! Drives me crazy!
I am glad you guys are doing better. You have to come over so we both can sing mostly on key!=)

The Schoonies said...

A good cry is good every once in awhile...right!?! I would cry if I felt that crappy. Sickness is NO FUN. Hope you are feeling better.
By the way did you get my email about Sarah?