Monday, October 20, 2008

"Costco Big"

is what an employee called John the last time we visited Costco: "Wow, he's big! Costco big!" Tee hee. It's my "little" man's birthday! Where did a year go? I mean, really?
Aw. Now, I can't say it's his first bath with the big boys, but he does love the water.
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Here he is behind bars (and disgusted with me for leaving him there).
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And of course his lil monkey face:
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I thought this costume would definitely be fitting:
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One of his favorite things: run away from me while I attempt to dress/change him, tear apart someone else's bed, and bounce up & down:
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He's upgraded to a big boy car seat:
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Lucas says Johnny is seriously strong; all those muscles! Like on his wrists and stuff. . .
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Sigh. Don't get any older, dude. Seriously.


dena4kids said...

Happy Brithday Johnny! Any fun plans for his special day?
BTW love the "muscles"=)

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Johnny-Jump-up! Love the pictures! Before you know it, we'll be interviewing future DIL!

Heidi said...

Where has the year gone!?! I love the pictures! Happy birthday!

The Schoonies said...

Love the monkey face! He is adorable! I agree with you...I wish you could really tell your kids to stop getting older and time would freeze!

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday, little guy!

"Costco Big"? Too funny! You always get the best comments while you are out, don't ya?

Jessie said...
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WhettenWild said...

I love his cookie monster costume!!!