Sunday, October 5, 2008

'Cause ya can't get a lot done in 3 minutes.

I'll be darned if the original slideshow I did wasn't flipping through photos fast enough to cause a psychotic episode. So, I took out like at least half. By golly some of these pictures have explanations! Including cartoon bubbles! Take this one for instance:
From vacay2

Now, I can't get past his dirty fingernails. But my poor little man did stand on an ant hill.

Or this one:
From vacay2

This book is a hit. Poor grandma & grandpa will probably go home, buy one, and then burn it.

From vacay2

Now, no matter how fast a reader you are, it was impossible to take that sentence in in 1.5 secs.
From vacay2

From vacay2

From vacay2

Um, am I being a bore? I've got some more for later.


Heidi said...

I did totally miss those captions...but i could tell those were fire ant bites..
and i do enjoy the photos

Jen said...

poor jace! I HATE friggin fire ants! Love the captions!

dena4kids said...

fire ants are so bad this year! I hate them! So sorry Jace. I love your captions! Let's see the

WhettenWild said...

EW!!!! Those bites look so painful. Poor kid!