Friday, October 24, 2008

Bust out your calculator.

Be assured that this simple test, taken on a random day, is very well calculated, down to the 10th of a cent. Really. 'Mmm hmm. Wondered how much money food costs ya per day? Well, let's see here.
scrambled cheesy eggs & toast, milk.
From posts2

-eggs: .40
-milk: .09
-cheese: .18
-bread: .20
-butter: .04
-glass o' milk: .66
Total: 1.57

Lunch time:
PB & J. (Jeff eats dinner leftovers for lunch at work)
From posts2

-bread: .20
-jam: .16
-peanut butter: .14
Total: .50

(2nd lunch & weird snacks)
From posts2

-Spilled crackers by the babe: $1.25
-Mid-afternoon taters & butter: .80
-Candy yoinked from the bag for trick-or-treaters: .19
-6 glasses/bottles of milk: $1.44
-chips/crackers to appease a baby while mommy makes dinner (whoa there Jamison! That's plenty.): .65
From posts2

Total: $4.33

Dinner time
Chicken A La King. (Psst, did you know one hour of running the oven amounts to .50?)
From posts2

-4 cups of rice: $1.12
-white sauce (broth, flour, butter, milk, salt, pepper): $1.02
chicken (1 lb.): $2.09
veggies (peas, carrots, pimentos): $1.30
grape juice from frozen concentrate: $1.19
Total: $6.72

Popcorn with "The Office": .35

Making a grand total of: $13.47

Huh. Interesting. Observations: that food all looks nast, and not all that healthy. 2nd, cheaper than I assumed. 3rd, can't really justify a ton of fast food eatin', now can I? Took me about 15 minutes to calculate. Come on; you know you want to give it a try.


dena4kids said...

Times are getting crazy! Remember when milk was cheaper than gas. Those were the days.

WhettenWild said...

I don't know why I think this post is so funny but it is cracking me up. Maybe it is the picture of snack time. Looks like my house LOL!

Jen said...

I agree, can't really justify fast food, but man is it ever faster!

The Schoonies said...

But fast food is sooo good sometimes!!! You are awesome to add up everything from every meal. I will take your word for it and commit to make every meal at home for at least the next week!!