Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Week In Pictures

I'm thinking this pic's better off in B&W. It slightly covers up my dirty couch.
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What's he doing you ask? His favorite thing is to slurp the water off the dishwasher door. After 10 "No Johnny!" 's and pulling him away, I thought: why not take a picture (or two or more)?
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(bottom left pic: "heh heh.")
Let me out!
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(Yeah someone's playing around with textures)
This is Chicken Marsala. It took me an hour to make. I've made it before; it was real good.
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This time, it tasted like Ramen noodles. Expensive ramen noodles. Jeff disagreed: "No, it tastes like rice-a-roni." Even better. And yes, I eat with very large spoons. Nothing else can get it in my mouth quite fast enough.
Girl's Night Out. Uh huh uh huh. My first time playing Scattergories.
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Apparently no one but me likes Good 'n Plenty.
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We got our Halloween jammies in the mail! They don't come in Jamison's size. He took it pretty well. Speaking of whom, guess he got left out this week.


Alissa said...

ftr, i love good and plenty.

Jessie said...

first time playing scattergories? it's my favorite!

Heidi said...

It was a good time. Johnny is so cute.

Jen said...

Very fun game night....We'll have to do it again. Did you like Scattergories??? Love the pictures of Johnny slurping the dishwasher water. It's even better in person though. :-)

WhettenWild said...

Well I guess slurping the water isn't bad......Jackson tries to eat the soap when I am starting the dishwasher.

The jammies are so cute!

The Schoonies said...

Love the dishwasher pics. How funny that he slurps up the water!

Emily said...

You always seem to capture the best moments on camera. Love the dishwater one. mmmmm numy.

Andrea said...

Halloween jammies are so fun, did you order them or get them from grandparents?? I hear ya on just letting them do it anyway after telling them 30 times not to, I get the camera out too!