Friday, September 26, 2008

So Long Sucka's.

(I mean that about my neighbors.)
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It's time for our long awaited beach trip! Woot! The trunk's all packed:

beach umbrella: check.
beach towels: check.
camera, 6 gigs of memory (is this enough??): check.
every swimsuit in this house: check.

"Now kids," I say, "do we fight grandpa?"
"Do we climb all over him? Use him as a jungle gym?"
"Hang on his neck?"
"Do we give him a hug though?"
"Give him a kiss?"
Right. Now 4 or 5 more times of that, and maybe, just maybe.

I guess you ought not tell people you're going out of town (ya gonna steal my card table??). No worries; I put the alarm on and we've rented this little shiznit:
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He's trained to take your leg off, AND a chunk out of your cheeks.


WhettenWild said...

Have Fun!!!! I can't wait to see the pictures. Don't feel bad that I'm here with no one to talk to because everyone I talk to everyday will be at the beach.........everyone but me. BOO HOO! ;) ha ha.

Jen said...

Have a great trip! Hopefully the weather will be good for ya. See you guys when you get back!

Heidi said...

Hope you have a great trip. See when you get back!

The Schoonies said...

AHHH the beach...sounds so nice! Have an excellent trip!

Emily said...

have fun. the beach sounds fun!

dena4kids said...

Have a great trip you guys!!! See ya when you get back!

Andrea said...

Holy Crap your posts make me laugh!!! Have a great trip, I am jealous, and btw where do you go for your trip? Do you rent a house? Is that your parents you go with?? See all these questions you need to answer when you get back.