Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Peelings.

(feelings + pictures = peelings; 'cause "random poughts" just doesn't work.)
Note to self: when babysitting, ensure that ALL markers are up.
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Jeff says he's the little frenchman.

Isn't this thing sooo meant to be filled?
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'mmm. Now, how long will the candy last, and will it get broken before season's end? (I hear the glass clink and I'm already yelling from another room "That's enough!")

This, is a crowbar thingy (that's the technical term).
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Once I crushed my index finger with it. I believe I was on the other line with Mo, and there was silence (silent swearing) on my end for about 2 minutes. Man that hurts. Anyways, it's purpose is to hold the gate in place. Kids find it something fun to play with, unfortunately. When Jeff mowed the lawn Saturday, Jace dragged it around and it ended up in the grass, nearly invisible. Well, that chip is it's battle wound with the now broken mower. Dang it.

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Jace, when you leave your burger on the floor, it's inevitable that John will get it. Also, he's a climber, and he's driving me nuts. Here he is with his hamburger patty on the couch, all by hisself.
I've been waitin' and waitin' to start:
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Now, they don't dumb this down any more than that, right? There's no "Cake Decorating for Dumb Dummies?" Alright. Great. Can't wait!


Jessie said...

Photography? Cake Decorating? What's next? I can't wait to see your first creation!

WhettenWild said...

Hey wait! You aren't supposed to read that. You are supposed to be as dumb as me when we take our cake decorating class ;)

Jen said...

The stache (sp?) does Tanner well! There's no way I'd be ab;e to have a glass jar of candy on my countertops. Tanner would try and use it for a weapon, heck Lucas would too for that matter. I really want to learn how to decorate some cute cupcakes! Maybe we can talk Judy into some private lessons.

Mandi said...

Don't you mean "Mother Brinkman"? ;)

The Schoonies said...

It must be color on yourself day...yours is the 2nd blog that I have seen with the same problem!
You are so adventurous...good luck with the cake decorating and getting your lawn mower fixed...bummer.

dena4kids said...

So "Mother Brinkman" will be doing a class on Oct. 14. 6:30 pm So put it on your calendar!Along with sis. craig bread making.

Tanner does look "mighty honcho!"=)

Heidi said...

I'm all for the class. And I must say I love the "stache" too Jen.
Mandi...how do you do it all??