Thursday, September 11, 2008

5 Hottest Toys for 2008

Waiting on the newest "Tickle Me Elmo" to hit the stores? Just simply not sure what your kids would want for Christmas? Here's the top 5 in this house. Oprah's Favorite Things, kids style, if you will.
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Behold the classic box. Completely free. Simply head on over to the neighbor's after Christmas morning and take the ones that didn't fit in the wheely garbage.
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So many spraying possibilities, so little time. (Before I bust some heads about hosing the house down. Again.)
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The bouncer toy bar? No! It's a bow for arrows. Duh.
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You see a dustpan; they see a guitar. A very, very dirty one.
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'Mmm hmm. They love 'em. All shapes, sizes and colors. Don't worry! They come in packs of 10; you'll have spares, and they're only $1.
$20 on Fisher price, $25 on Hasbro. Pshaw. Saved ya hundred's, didn't I?


Jen said...

LOL! Seriously, you spend all kinds of money on toys and kids would rather play with the trash can. (and the trash if they're my children)

WhettenWild said...

SO TRUE! My kids thing laundry baskets are the coolest thing ever.

dena4kids said...

Sweet! That means Christmas will only cost me a buck fifty! Awesome! Thanks Mandi!heehee

The Schoonies said...

How true your post is! The box and hanger are the popular items at our house. Although the hangers scare me a bit sometimes.