Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm sorry. So sorry.

For this barrage of pictures. Apparently I took more like 900 pictures, not 600. I kinda sorta promise to cool it, real soon. But in the mean time, I do love a rapidfire camera:

We're sharin' a secret. See how she winks at me? She already knows I'm her favorite aunt.

Thanks for startling me awake. Big jerks.

The "lick-kiss".

Speaking of adorable little tongues.

Gettin' anything good, Jack? 'Cause I sure did a moment ago. (And Mo's going "yeah you sure kept pickin' the entire trip.")

Oh, bless you, sweetheart.


Jen said...

Very cute! Doesn't she just make you want to have another baby? (maybe a couple years from now, keyword being maybe!)

Renee said...

Oh man, your camera rocks. Those pictures are crystal clear.

What a SWEETHEART Macie is! Mo has the cutest little dresses for her. Love that pic of Alexia kissing/lickin' her! Jackson...classic boy picture! :)

dena4kids said...

Cute pics! You really do a great job! I love babies!=)

dena4kids said...
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The Schoonies said...

I'm dream'in of a rapid fire camera!! Your pics are awesome. What a sweet girl.