Monday, September 1, 2008

Highlights & Lowlights

Of a craptacular weekend. Actually, I loved the weekend. I just really wanted to use "craptacular" today. But I digress on the rundown:
First off, as we were about to hit the sack Friday night, Jeff got a call at 10 to midnight (or if I were Mary Higgins Clark, I'd say, "at 10 of 12:00"). Here's what I heard:

"Hey. What? Oh no."
"No it's okay, it's okay. Give me directions. Really, it's okay."

So methinks, hmm. Does a widow in the ward need a blessing er something? And then Jeff comes in to tell me that a coworker needed to be bailed out of jail 30 miles south of here. I think he thought I'd be mad. I just laughed and laughed. Hmm does that make me kinda mean? Well anyway, Jeff got back after 3:00 am.

So Saturday: we headed up to good ole G'boro for some slop & shop. Olive Garden is JUST the place for a gal trying to eat healthy for the last month before the big beach trip, right? Especially the never-ending-pasta-bowl. Yes, folks, it's September. Go eat your weight in pasta. It's delicious. I highly recommend the 5 cheese sauce (the fattiest of the bunch). And we all loved it. Every last one of us.

(now craptacular really would be applicable for these next two cell phone pics)
And then on to Costco. The grocery list? : milk, cheese, beef, chicken, eggs. Wow that was interesting. Equally as interesting is that Costco has their Christmas stuff already out. Not much Halloween, though. This would be the only time I didn't partake of the samples, 'cause you better believe my stomach hurt.
**"Speaking-of-which" sidenote: the last time we visited Costco, we sat down for our customary post-shopping hot dog and/or pizza slice. I got hosed by John.

I pushed the cart on the way out, 'cause I didn't want to hear "Looks like that lady peed her pants!" in a not-so-hushed whisper.

Anyway, I tortured John and put on his cute little sweater vest gettup and took him outside for a picture. I snapped and snapped, got bit 5 times, itched all over, spanked that memory card in, and accidently wiped everything off it but this picture.

I'm not going to explain how I was dumb enough to lose every picture except for one of the child I wasn't out there for. Yeesh.
Speaking of pictures though, Jace found himself a new little hat.

Yes he took his shirt off again. Don't you judge me! Can you hear the little song he was singing to himself?
Anyway, we also sat and watched a movie together and ate these.

(now I know you needed a huge picture of those.)
Jace, sitting two inches from me choked on one. I have no idea how long he sat in his breathless state, absolutely terrified, before I noticed. He finally upchucked it out. I feel so bad. My poor little guy. He cried and cried from terror.
Well goodness, how I do run on. Wrappin' it up real quick: We had lots of family fun. The lawn (weeds) never even got mowed. It's not like it needed it.

Who takes a picture of their lawn??


The Schoonies said...

Olive Garden sounds yummy! My mom, sister and I were just saying tonight that we wanted to go there:)
Love the hat and I didn't know about the cyrstal light hard candies...I will have to check them out, but will watch out for my kids choking on them. Glad your little one was ok.

Jessie said...

What's the point of sugar free candy, Mandi?

Olive Garden and Costco sound like a great outing to well as eating my weight in pasta.

Sorry about the pictures. Losing pictures is the worst feeling in the world.

Jen said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I love the picture of Jace with the net on his head. Tanner likes to do the same thing! I think sugar free candy rocks! Especially for the kiddos! Nothing better!

dena4kids said...

Olive Garden sounds yummy! I too love the pic of Jace with the net on his head. I can just hear the little song he was singing.=)

WhettenWild said...

That must be the "Elefun" net. My kids do the same thing. So funny!

Thanks for the reminder about Olive Garden. Can't miss out on the "Never ending pasta bowl"!

Renee said...

You are hilarious...I love your posts. I ditto Jessie...what is the point of sugarless candy. Do they taste sugarless? If not, then I think I shall try. Did I just say shall? hmmm, move over Mary comes Renee. Olive Garden, haven't been in forever... Um, your posts make my day. Never frilly or "Molly + Peter" just real! Love it!

Renee said...

Oh & did you check out the guy behind Johnny's head? The guy looks like he's loving his drink! hee hee

WhettenWild said...

LOL! I didn't notice that guy last time I looked. That is so funny. Mandi---remember the picture at the Palace of Versaille of us......with two people making out behind us. So funny!