Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dysfunctional Dining

Documentation at the Tremayne's. Figured I oughta "write" it down. A journal entry, if you will. 'Cause sometimes it's pretty funny. Sometimes not so much, depending on my mood.
First things first. The prayer. I always ask "Who wants to say the prayer?" and I typically get silence. Cricket noises. Occasionally I get "I do I do!" in chorus, because of course one cannot outdo the other. Now Jace, when he says the prayer, it starts out so angelic: "Tank you bor the bood. Tank you bor my bamily", etcetera, until the final word, and then it's as if he's summoned the pit-lord from hell. "Ameeeeeen." In the lowest, growliest voice he can manage. I'd video, but should ya really video a prayer?
Moving on. John. He makes it difficult to continue a conversation. He's got 3 things to show us his "mom's-soooo-slow-to-feed-me" mood. 1., he screams intermittently if you don't keep his mouth occupied. 2., he slams his fist down on the tray, or 3., he growls and flexes his arms like he's changing to the Incredible Hulk.

Or just yells even when there's something in there.
Allow me to give you a taste of the boys' worst dinner list, number 1 definitely being chicken pot pie, and chicken chili, and stir fry.
Oh and just about everything else. Chicken a la king? Nasty white stuff. Meat loaf? Dookie on a platter. Actually, what they love probably makes a shorter list, such as spaghetti, pizza, or beef stroganoff. Ah well. At least we're having dinner together, right? What's a mom to do. . .


Jessie said...

At least the irreverence doesn't start until the END of the prayer!

All of those meals sound delicious to me!

The Schoonies said...

I find it challenging it enough to first decide what we are having for dinner and then to make it and then when little friends complain...I just think what you said "at least we are having dinner together!" I am glad that others have children who are not always reverent during prayers. At our house it feels like they try to see how many different positions they can be in while saying the prayer and keeping their eyes closed!

WhettenWild said...

Sounds like my house. Your kids are so funny!

dena4kids said...

Amen! Sounds like our house too. Except there is never silence!=)

Jen said...

Love Jace's prayer! Very funny post, I was LOL! In a house full of boys I don't think it's possible for silence to be present...example, my house!