Monday, July 14, 2008

State Of The Union

Sigh. It's just another manic Monday. I wish it were a Sunday ('cause that's my fun day). It's interesting over here:
-Guess what's dead on the street with an oil leak, leaking front tires, and 2 batteries that won't start?

-So we took Jeff to work this morning at the crack o' dawn. I've got a dentist appointment to get my permanent crown (sayonara $650).
-Which also means I had to secure a babysitter to go get tortured.
-Also, there's a problem in the laundry room. It stinketh. Now normally it'd be a piece of laundry that was in need of a wash, stat. But the laundry's completely done. Every piece (I know, I do deserve a golf clap!). It's a mystery.
-Anyway, we were very productive over the weekend. Jeff worked, and then the real "fun" began, including:
-running up to Costco for some essentials (Costco can have some great deals, but "wholesale"? Puhlease. So many things are more $$ than the regular store.)
-Jeff mowed the lawn (not an easy feat). Here's what happens when ya fall in the mulch in your hurry to follow behind Daddy:

It ain't easy bein' green.
Oh, also. We grow shrooms in our backyard, apparently.

Nast. (The size of those are about a foot wide)
Last but certainly not least, there's a need to tame the maynes.

Every boy needs a haircut. Jamison's "dirt shower" prior to this is a whole other story.
Givin' Jeff the "2 minute mullet", hee hee:

Not pictured: everyone with a much better looking 'do. Oh, and I don't have to comb the boys hair for a couple weeks. Nice.


The Schoonies said...

It does feel like a manic Monday. Hopefully I get some motivation! Good luck at the dentist. I have to do that later this week only luckily it is only for a cleaning.

WhettenWild said...

Jeff's hair looks great! You give great haircuts. I'm sure the fact that Jeff has such nice hair doesn't hurt either =)

Jessie said...

At least it isn't really your car, so you don't have to pay to fix it, right?

I was hoping to see the after pic of the new 'dos.

Jen said...

I didn't know you guys were local dealers. LOL! Good thing Tanner hasn't seen those mushrooms over at your house 'cause he'd probably try em' out! He's loves to taste new things he finds in our back yard.....yuck..I know!

dena4kids said...

I cut Nate's hair and he screamed the entire time! You would think I was cutting off his arm or something! I hope your boys did better.=)

dena4kids said...

oh yeah and PS That Hummer SUCKS!!!!=)