Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Month In Pictures

Somehow the "week" in pictures got away from me. Let 'er roll!

This is what 10 minutes outside at dusk with no shirt on'll get ya. (more on the legs).

NOT my cake.

It was Jamison's cake. I walked away from the boys while they sprinkled it(hmm, that doesn't sound right); you can't tell, but that's a quarter inch of sprinkles on top.

I do love a summer storm. But 4 evening thunderstorms in a row with power outages? Not so much.

Further fueling the impression my boys are never dressed (it was bedtime I swear!). Happy Father's Day.

Two Little Babies.

Jeff is growing some serious beardage. Now he's afraid to shave it and have the baby-skin look.


Emily said...

I love the baby covered in cake and the gut hanging out. Classic.

Jen said...

Poor Jace!!! I hate bug bites. I too love Johnster and the cake picture! That should be on a magazine cover! LOL!

Jessie said...

I think the cake looks delicious, sprinkles and all! I also like the beard!

Looks like a fun, nakey month!

The Schoonies said...

Ouch...the bug bites. And I love the sprinkles on the cake. They are my favorite!!

dena4kids said...

Poor Jace! I hate bug bites! Love Johnny's belly. That beard is coming in good. I guess Nathan should start now and maybe his would be that thick in Dec.=)

Andrea said...

MMM... sprinkles. Nice beard Jeff, it takes a real man to grow one like that!