Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Let's Go To The Movies

Er, let's not, actually. I hauled the boys on over to the kiddie matinee this morning, and they did love it, but wow. For my part, I would compare it to making it through a 2 1/2 hour sacrament meeting or a flight of the same time frame. Jamison did pretty good. But lemme give ya a little Jace commentary (keeping in mind this was all said in an extremely loud voice):

"Who turned off the lights?" (not once, not twice, but thrice)
"I have to go potty." (thrice; sure enough he really had to go. Know that saying about a race horse? That applies here.)
"Jamison I want some popcorn!" (nearly came to fisticuffs over who's gonna hold the popcorn)
"No Mom I don't want to whisper!"
"Let's go home." (The movie was "Hook", afterall. Anyone else thinking at least 10 scenes coulda been cut out and the movie coulda been better?)

And then of course there was all the commentary about what was actually going on in the movie, such as "it's snowing! Look an airplane! Why's the airplane shaking?" etc, etc.
Let's not forget 2 more little diddies:
1. Jace losing the gameboy, which was stuffed in his pocket. Those adult chairs can sure flip a little 3 year old backward. Having to search for the gameboy, post-movie, makes it so we can't leave early.
2. And finally, my personal favorite: Johnny gave his mommy a personal hose down. Awesome.
Jennifer asked: "So ya up for next Tuesday's movie?"
Hail no. (really, I said "hail".)


Jessie said...

So you didn't get a little nap in like I did last movie?

Take it as a compliment...your kids aren't addicted to the tube like mine are.

dena4kids said...

The one time I didn't go!=) I didn't think Noah would sit trough Hook. It must be something about the movies that makes kids pee alot.Noah goes ALL through the movie!

Emily said...

That's exactly why I haven't tried Londynn at the movies yet.

Jen said...

Mandi, you have to admit, that was the best theatre experiance you've ever had! I was so frazzled myself by the time the thing was over. (and I had my mom there to help me with the boys..thank the dear lord above!) I think that was the longest movie ever! Needless to say, my dear mother won't be going with me on Tuesday mornings around 10am EVER AGAIN!!! (her exact words!)

The Schoonies said...

I loved your story! It cracked me up! And I definitely agree with you that Hook is way too long...

WhettenWild said...

I'm not sure I could sit through "Hook" again so I'm not surprised that your boys weren't that entertained. Good thing it was only $1.