Friday, July 25, 2008

Laugh it up, fuzzball.

I'm tellin you, it's just comedy central over here this week. Starting off with:
my 5 year old insisting he could put his post-shower lotion on himself.

That's plenty, son. Directly after that, he found a new use for his cape.

That's the kind of photo your 18 year old begs you never to show a soul. And then you giggle and say "maybe". I've got one sooo much worse, but I'm not that mean. Close, though.
Alas, Jace's bizarre sleeping patterns continueth. "No. I'm NOT tired."


We make our children sleep in the closet ("on number 4 privet drive".)
They really,

(I don't think a crib's meant to have 75 jumping pounds in it)


Love their new tubes for the pool. Now that would work if we had a tub the size of the one on Pee Wee's big adventure, but not in ours. And I know you're thinking "how does she keep her shower doors so sparkly clean?" It's a family secret. Anyway, Jeff too loves those tubes. So much so that he swears he's letting the air out of them each and every evening.
A little story from this morning's breakfast:
Jace: "So, do you like better the hospital, or the mall?" Those are my two options? I'm glad they loved the hospital when I was there, 'cause I sure didn't. I guess I can see how a bed that moves up and down, cable TV, and eating mom's food could be fun for a kid, though.
Here's my "little" guy:

"I can see he's just wasting away at your house!" the doc says yesterday after we weighed him for his 9 month visit. He's (almost) 26 pounds.
Last but not least,

These are Jamison's "100 most used words" flash cards. They're very useful. See the top, left corner one? It's an extremely useful word in the english language. It ought to be in this 100 words selection. I'm chucking it in the garbage. It's absolutely hilarious to both boys. And I can't get them to focus ever after. Sheesh.


Jessie said...

What a fun week in the Tremayne household! Never a dull moment, is there?

Jen said...

How funny! Lucas loves the word "butt" too! He thinks it is the most hilarious word ever! I think I probably would've let the air out of those tubes if they were at my house with my boys...Oh wait, I wouldn't have to cause they'd bust them on their own beating each other with 'em!

WhettenWild said...

Love the tube pictures. That is so funny. I can't believe they haven't busted them yet with all of the jumping.

Those sleeping pics of Jace make me laugh. He and Alexia are two peas in a pod.

Renee said...

Love the pictures of your boys... I totally cracked up when I read #4 Pivot Drive... heee hee

I love your posts...they make my, morning (it's just after midnight).

Those tire tubes are awesome! Good times...

The Schoonies said...

LOVE the lotion pic and the swim tubes. The boys in the shower with them cracked me!