Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

You know, back in my day it was "Showbiz Pizza", but that was also back in the day when these muppet-like dudes (I think "muppet" is nice 'cause I remember 'em looking like they were made of old, dusty rat hair) would come out and sing in a dark room and I found it mildly disturbing. But anyway,
We hit it to Chuck E Cheese this weekend. The boys LOVED it. Just wanted to get that out of the way 'cause after I finish saying what I'm saying you're gonna wonder. It was soooo crowded. Never again will I go on a Saturday. What were we thinking?
(isn't that a crappy picture? even for a cell phone pic?)
Also, I have a babe who rarely poops. Forgive me for discussing poop, but why does he always have to when we're out and about? And guess who forgot the wipes? 'Mmm hmm. It was a blowout. I used every last one of the paper towels in there and I coulda used 5 or so more. I think the little girl on the way out summed it up: "Ew it stinks! That is NASTY!" So true.
Don't you find jugs really useful? This, however, is just not right.
She used hers as a cell phone holder. Imagine me staring shamelessly, mouth open, eyes wide. 20 minutes or more with that cell phone wedged in there, no joke. And speaking of cell phones, I used mine to discreetly snap that pic. (It's so easy to pretend like you're, oh I don't know, dialing or something, don't ya think?)
On a cleaner note, you've never seen an (almost) 5 year old so scared of a "roller-coaster" ride. Wow. My boy is as big a baby as I am. He was so proud of himself when he was done, though. On the bright side, he never gets hurt 'cause he's scared of everything. See how his right arm is clinging for dear life?
And last but not least we tuckered out our 3 year old. He was so dog tired that he wouldn't let the lady check his arm for that magical number that gets us out of the door. I mean he totally freaked and wouldn't let her. I'm so embarrassed.


The Schoonies said...

I am glad you all survived Chuck E Cheese! And I am glad somebody else forgets to take wipes:) I always seem to do that and it is always when we REALLY need them!

dena4kids said...

My kids love that place too! I don't think there is a chile out there who doesn't. I had to laugh at the cell phone thing... been there done that!=)OK mine was in my shoulder strap but it was still embarrassing when the Dukes of Hazard started playing as I waited at the pharmacy line at Wal Mart. heehee I just played it off like "where is that music coming from?" Good times man!

Jen said...

What a fun time! I love going to Chuck E Cheese witht he boys. They seriously have so much fun there. I'm glad Jace was able to do what a lot of other people probably always want to....sometimes when my kids are going nuts, the last thing I wanna do is show my hand with my magical number. I myself have felt like dropping to the floor and having a full blown out tantrum when I'm having a stressful day!

WhettenWild said...

LOL. That cell phone thing is so funny!

Chuck E. Cheese's and Saturday---not a good combo. Especially here in El Paso. Holy cow! At least we can find our kids easy though. They are the only kids that look they they are in serious need of a tan. ha ha!