Monday, June 2, 2008

Up, Up & Away

My boys are always wanting their blanket or comforter on their shoulders these days. It's "my cape!" and then it falls off 5 seconds later and they come back for me to tie it back on. So, I tried being all Holly Homemaker, and decided maybe, just maybe I could make them capes! Now I know you super-sewing-smart-A's out there are thinking "Dude. That is like thee most easy thing to make." Well, hmm not for me, okay? So I looked online.Isn't that adorable?? Incredi-J! Oh ma gosh. I'd buy those if I was made of money. They're minimally $25. I like 'em but not that much. This site even has adult capes. Yeah. Say it with me: NERDY. Jeff said "you mean like capes for those role-playing people at the park in Provo?". Yep. Like that. You could be a cape-wearing family of nerds:

(Chile is their dog. I am, unfortunately, serious.)

Anywho, I bought some cheap fabric at Walmart. How cheap? $2 a yard cheap. And you know what? One of the queens of sewing, a.k.a, the bishop's wife, said she'd sew them for me. How lucky am I?

That's decent for $4 total, right? I'm happy about it. Jamison said to me "So we can fly with these now?" My response: "Um what? Oh yeah. Sure. WAIT what did you say?? No no no! Please don't try to fly. Like, ever."


Jessie said...

Your pictures are SO colorful! Love the capes! You better keep an eye on those flyers for awhile.

dena4kids said...

Love 'em! Great job on the capes! I need some for Noah! Great idea!

WhettenWild said...

Those are so cute! I bet they are having so much fun. Isn't that cape and incredibles cape? I thought the rule on the Incredibles was "NO CAPES!" ha ha.

Emily said...

How fun. I wish I was the type that could just whip out a costume for my child. I'm lucky if I can find a needle and thread when I need it.

The Schoonies said...

Very cute! No worries you are not the only person out there that has no clue about sewing. I wish I would have learned more from my grandma. I am not sure if my brain works like that!