Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Playing Favorites

27,012. That is the current number of picture files on my 2 hard drives. I've got at least double that on the comp I left in Utah. Yeah, I like pictures. Especially the old ones. I've got a lot of favorites, and here are just a few of 'em.

We like 'em barefoot and pregnant. That's my mom on the right. And ya know, I'm not sure who she's even pregnant with.? Is it me? Probably me. Mother?

I cannot handle a crying child. I don't mean a tantrum cry, I mean a real cry. It's the maternal instinct in me. A kid truly crying in the store can almost reduce me to tears, no joke. I think this picture is so funny, yet it stomps on my heart all at the same time.

That is soooo Jeffrey.

Firstborn grandchildren: don't they just hold a special place in the family's heart? My bro and I give little "G G" a bath, post-1st birthday cake mess. Aw. Sniffle.

My children and toilets. Sigh.

I do believe Jeff's teenage expression says a lot about just who was behind that camera. Need another hint? "Paulrus", a.k.a., stepdad.

That facial expression is priceless.


Jessie said...

Classic photos! I'm wondering why the barstools are turned over on the counter?....does that mean the kitchen was closed?

The Schoonies said...

Thank heavens for the digital age when you can take as many pictures as you want! Love the pic of should get your boys to do that same pose in their capes and take their picture!

dena4kids said...

cute pics! I love looking at old pictures too!

Renee said...

I love older pictures, too! We had tose avacado green appliances too. Is that you in the chair? I assume that's Mo with her hands on the counter? Is that your matching hair ribbon on the chair?

Look at your mom's hair!! Wow, it's so long...beautiful, just like you & Mo! :)

Renee said...
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Jen said...

Sweet pictures! The good 'ole days!