Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I am just so full of deep thoughts. I never knew I was such a deep thinker, until now. Obviously my deep thoughts are really boring though, well at least last week's; but hey that's okay. I'm enjoying myself.
1.Jace can reach "it" off the top of the fridge if he wants "it" bad enough. All he has to do, is pull up a chair, climb onto the stove, and then reach on tiptoe, and then "tip" it off the top. Voila.
2.My Jackie-O sunglasses are totally crooked. I mean, really crooked, like resting on one cheek and completely off the other. Did someone sit on them? I'm not sure, but dang it 'cause I loved those glasses. Speaking of glasses,
3.When I'm a little old lady I'm soooo wearing jackie-o's and a cute scarf over my blue hair when I go a walking.
4. I'd really like to go to the library again this week. I have a fine again. I think it's around $6.00. Am I too cheap to pay that and go again? Maybe. Probably.
5. I have made a huge effort to shower and dress ALONE. You don't know what ALONE means unless you don't have kids, ha ha. Once our kids got older I's all like "hey no way are you showering with me." Well the last few weeks my kids just stroll on in while I'm dressing and/or showering, so I decided to chill. Until the questions started rolling.
6. I hate exercising. I also hate spelling exercising. I don't want to exorcize the demons on accident. But anyway, I busted out the ole $1 workout DVD yesterday. I'm sore. Exercising sucks. So does sweating. I'm so lazy. Wonder why I think I'll go walking when I'm an old lady when I don't now.?.
7. Speaking of lazy, I'm not putting Jamison in preschool next year. Why? Lazy. I'm going to bask in one more solid year of utter freedom. I said it before, I'll say it again: if I need a break from a kid, it sure ain't my oldest.
8. But moving on with lazy, although it seemed like a great (lazy) idea at the time, a plastic spoon will in fact clog the vacuum. It then takes a dear husband to remove that spoon. For one hour. At 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm. What a dear, unlazy husband I have. You can now see the floor again in the sunroom.
9. I just might have a rabid squirrel in the yard-- it was totally yelling at me when I took the garbage can to the street. Is this normal behavior for a squirrel?
10. My renters haven't paid for May, yet. It is now June, right?
11. "Lost" is over for the season. What shall I watch now? I mean, there's always "So You Think You Can Dance" to occupy my time. Although "The Mole" and "The Moment Of Truth" just look soooooo entertaining. . . what will you be watching?


Jessie said...

I love your thoughts and your dark hair in your header.

I'm trashy and watch The Bachelorette. Preston doesn't approve though.

dena4kids said...

I don't think you are lazy. I need to start doing smething for myself. I guess exercising is better than nothing. right? I don't really like anything on TV right now. Except Nathan said they were re-running(is that a word?)In Living Color.Now I would stay up to see that!!!=)

The Schoonies said...

It is a little sad with shows over. Some nights you just want something to watch...oh well:)

WhettenWild said...

I have a $1 workout DVD that isn't half bad. I think it is the same one Mom uses everyday.

Are you serious about the rabid squirrel? I don't think I'd go back outside until that thing was GONE.

Jen said...

Everytime I hear the word rabid squirrel I think of the movie over the hedge! Gotta love that one!