Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feelings. Nothing more than, feelings.

My deep thoughts of the week. It just feels so good to discuss my "feelings". I encourage you all to get out your "feelings" as well. You'll enjoy it, I guarantee it.
-It scares the pants off me when I think my kids or Jeff are sound asleep, and I look over at them and their eyes are wide open.
-Ever noticed how white fat looks so much fattier than tan fat? Interesting. You can find me outside for an hour each day.
-Also, being in my swimsuit is very motivating to exercise.
-But speaking of vanity, I always thought I'd age like my mother; she still occasionally is mistaken for my sister. But I swear I've got a lot of wrinkles near my eyes. So I broke down and bought some anti-wrinkle moisturizer. I'll let ya know how that works out.
-Why do we live between two spinsters that have nothing better to do than peak out their blinds and tell on all their neighbors?
-I did have to laugh when Jamison helped Jace go potty, and proudly told me how he wiped Jace's bum for him. Well. . . thanks, bud. One less for me.
-I'll let ya know how much my water bill is this month. Jace turned the hose on right before his bedtime, and it stayed on for 13 hours straight before I knew about it. Well, now the pavement is properly watered.


Jen said...

Your neighbors are nuts! Did you have a small pond in your back yard when you woke up? I need to try some anti aging cream....I think I'm past the point of no retun though!

WhettenWild said...

Let me know how that moistuerizer works out. =)

By the way.....I'm changing the ring on my phone when you call to "Feelings". ha ha.

Mandi said...

I checked into that for a special someone. . . no ringtone for that song, nor ringback tone for that matter. Darn.

dena4kids said...

that is crazy! what is it with you and water bills?=) You will have to show me what kind of lotion you use, I really need some!

The Schoonies said...

Love the hose running for 13 hours. Don't you just love what kids think to do for entertainment!! Hopefully the water bill is not too bad.