Friday, June 27, 2008

Big To Do

It was time to get my butt in gear:
- Blow up balloons
- Pick up cupcake cake (not pictured: me picking it up at 10:30 pm 'cause that's when daddy got home.) - make lotsa water balloons (with many breaking and soaking me, pre-party)
- clean like a mad woman

(that shelf doesn't get cleaner than that, folks. I gotta take a picture 'cause it won't last long).
- get the table out, with
-bags for pinata goodies
-find the rope for the pinata
-Blow up new water toy (Hmm, that's NOT right.)
-Make backyard look a little less white trash

Phew. Ready (ish). Come on over.

I'm usually behind the camera. Lucky you.

Gettin' sassy with ya.

Thee most adorable blanket. Ain't that cute? Oh and Jace's belly included in the shot.

One happy birthday boy, with too much sun, frosting on his arm, pizza on his face, and one awesome lollipop, the stuff dreams are made of.


Mandi said...

Mo I took off comment moderation just for you since you made fun of me :).

WhettenWild said...

I was just teasing. You don't have to take it off!

Cute cupcakes! Looks like the party was a blast! You always put on a fun party!

Oh, and I can't not say something about the underwear swimsuit. That is all I will say though. ha ha.

Heidi said...

Sounds and looks like it was a good time. Sad we missed it.

dena4kids said...

Thanks for the good times man! Hope Jamison loved his PAR-TAY!

The Schoonies said...

Love the pics of you Mandi! It looks like Jamision was one happy birthday boy! Glad the party went well.

Andrea said...

How fun, you are one hot mamma, and a really good mom to boot. I mean that was a lot of work for a birthday party. But I guess it was all worth it because that is one dang cute happy kid at the end:)

arianne said...

ok google reader has FAILED Me yet again! I thought you hadn't posted in WEEKS and here I come here and LOOK at ALL the posts I have missed!!!!!