Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tame The Mayne

It takes a brave woman to discuss their horse hair. I have got thee coarsest hair on the planet. I didn't used to-- it's due to a 2nd grade 80's perm (gotta love the 80's perm) gone wrong. It made my soft, silky hair fall out, and my new coarse, yet stronger, hair grow in. I've tried just about everything to have the pantene hair: pantene itself, leave-in conditioners, straighteners, etc. No luck, sista.
Well then I got a hair straightener that has ceramic plates in it and heats up close to boiling lava hot, and presto! Here's the before, one side done, and the after: HUGE difference, eh? If you're thinking to yourself: "oh she just ratted it or poofed it out to make a point", whe-hell, you just keep on thinking that 'cause then you won't know how bad it really is. My poor boys have the same coarse hair as me. Lucky them! Can one of my children please get some of Jeff's soft, dark hair?
And if you're also thinking "Duh. She didn't know you have to get ceramic plates and a really hot straightener?" well then shame on you for not telling me sooner, and a curse on your hair. ;)


Jessie said...

No matter how you get it there, the hair looks amazing in the last pic! You are so good to always wear your long locks flowing down...that's why my hair is short, I would ALWAYS have long hair pulled back in a ponytail of sorts.

dena4kids said...

I love your hair! I wouldn't even straighten it. I would go

WhettenWild said...

I'm glad that you saw fit to post yourself with an "approved" hairdo. You do realize mom is out of town though. You could sport a ponytail if you like.

I think your boys will be glad that they have that coarse hair. It will be nice and thick like yours and Jeff's.

Jen said...

At one point in my life, before kids, my hair was soft and silky feeling. Since the first pregnancy my hair has decided to take on a mind of its own. With each new baby not only does it fall out like I've got the mangeor something, it gets more and more course...Oh well maybe I'll have to invest in one of those irons!

Jeremy, Andrea & Halle said...

Oh I love my Chi straigtening iron. It is the only thing that can actually make my maine look normal!! Doesn't it take you forever though, I mean you do have such thick hair?

The Schoonies said...

Flat irons are the BEST!