Sunday, May 18, 2008

Moments of Truthiness

It's that time again. Time for this week's deep thoughts: my moments of truthiness. I know, I know. You can barely contain yourself with excitement. Potty break? No? Well then, here we go.
1. I think my brain really is oatmeal. Somehow, with a sock in one hand and a dish in the other, the sock ended up in the sink and the dish in the garbage. Same deal with the dirty towel and the dirty diaper on another occasion.
2. Can the post office STOP upping the postage price? I hate not having the correct stamps. And I hate even worse taking 3 little ones into the post office. I'd almost rather go to the dentist. Well, not Jeff's dentist.
3. Speaking of which, Jeff's temporary crown broke while we were eating spaghetti. That darned spaghetti is just murder on the teeth! There should be a warning label on the box, right? Geez.
4. Oh. And of course it broke on a Friday night. Just so he can half-starve/eat soup/oatmeal/pudding for the weekend. Because you know: one side: broken molar. Other? Healing gums. Poor Jeff. Hmm maybe he shoulda thought of something to fast for and made it count for something.?
5. I picked myself up a copy of 'The Host'. Can't wait to start!
6. Don't y'all just love "Calling You" by Blue October? I keep singing the same part over and over: "If you're sleeping are ya dreaming/if you're dreaming, are ya dreamin' of me?" You'd think that was the only part I knew, hee hee. Hmm maybe I'll turn it on again right now.
7. Calling someone "Fatso" is just out and out rude. But calling a baby Fatso? Well, that's just funny.
8. My current (but constantly changing) MSN messenger pic & message would be none other than Pee Wee. "I know you are but what am I?" You loved the "Big Adventure" when you were younger too, right? Giggle.
9. When I told Jace to get that dead bug the freak off my table and back outside he replied: "No Mommy! He's tired." And then laid a blanket over it. Jamison's blanket.
10. A certain adorable boy played spiderman over at my house.

Yeah. Oooowwwww. It's bad enough this happened at my house, but thank heavens Jace wasn't a party to this injury. That woulda pushed me over the edge.
11. The high here was 77 degrees. Salt Lake area? 90. When did that switcheroo happen?

12. Speaking of Switcheroo's, I'm sick of cooking again.
13. Sunday morning, Jeff was like "Do you hear our kids? They're plotting how to get out of church together."
14. And Jeff spoke Sunday. I found out the kids are much better behaved for him than for me.
15. I find it disturbing that I checked all the windows last night, and about 60% of them were unlocked. Probably for months. That's scary. And speaking of scary,
16. Anyone seen that trailer for the movie "The Strangers"? You could not pay me to watch that. It scared me just watching that 30 seconds of it. And speaking of movies,
17. I finished up "Lone Star State Of Mind." If you haven't seen that movie, you git yerself on over to Walmart and git yerself a copy. I'm fixin' to get my own, since I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants. Speaking of wetting pants. . .
18. 2 days of last week were devoted to attempting to potty train Jace. My heart wasn't in it; it was both Jamison & Jace that wanted to try it out. See, I have to mentally prepare myself for torture for at least a week, or a year, beforehand. Well, it was over when I asked Jace if he needed to go to the potty and then less than a minute later he shat his pants.
19. Also, I think I decided in last week's moment of truthiness that "shat" was a no-no. Oopsy. Just replace it with "doo-doo", if ya don't mind.


The Schoonies said...

So, my two favorite thoughts for this week are #4 the part about thinking of something to fast for and making it count and #8 pee wee. My sister and I used to say that line over and over and again in the Pee Wee voice and laugh are heads off! Thanks for bringing back a childhood memory!

Jessie said...

Jace gave a bug a blanket? That is too cute!

You are cracking me up!

dena4kids said...

Love the picture of Noah. That boy! Whatcha gonna do? Sorry to hear about Jeff's tooth! I have never heard tell of such! how many crowns is that now? 25? 30? Poor guy! Nice job on the talk though. I want to crossstich the quote about husbands being kind to their wives. Nathan said save time and energy and just put STOP BEING A JERK!heehee that works too I guess.=)

WhettenWild said...

I want to know what Jamison and Jace were planning to do to get out of church. Are any of their ideas actually usable for adults? just kidding.

Jeremy, Andrea & Halle said...

you made my day as ususal. loved it!

Gaylari said...

LOL you made me laugh. I like the word "shat" I giggled :) maybe I can add it to my vocab...

Renee said...

Oh sides hurt from laughing. You are hilarious. You need to write a book, seriously! That made my day! :) Man, the blanket on a bug was classic boy. Love it...

Renee said...

Oh & Blue October rocks... I'm addicted to Into the Ocean right now... I also like The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down...