Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day "Fun"

I use the term loosely. I mean, how much fun could I have when Jeff worked the weekend? I do expect to not have holidays, 'cause holidays, well to quote Rizzo, "There ain't no such thing." Oh but he did get home "early". I use that term loosely, too. 6:00 pm is early.?. I was, however, very productive. I'm just so proud of myself! Check out my "got done" list:
-Fridge cleaned
-Microwave cleaned
-Stove cleaned
-Cabinet reorganized
-floors swept/mopped
-4 loads of laundry
-sheets cleaned, beds remade
-grocery shopping done
Well hmm, it seemed like so much more yesterday. It really did. I still watched 3 kids, fed them, dressed them, did "school" with them, played with them. That's a busy day, right?


WhettenWild said...

That is a lot of things. What did the kids UNDO while you were doing all of that =). You can tell what happens at my house.

Jeremy, Andrea & Halle said...

I think that is quite a lot. So much more than I can ever get done with just one kid. I am impressed.

dena4kids said...

you have been busy!anytime you want to come over Mandi, anytime.=)What do you do with the boys "school"?

Emily said...

I would call that a VERY productive day. i never make "to do" lists because they never get done anyway.

The Schoonies said...

You accomplished a lot in one day! Do you hire out?:)