Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life As We Know It

I will have a 5 year old this summer. This makes me feel like such an adult even when I don't act like one. I have a school age child! Aahhh. But my age is not my point, it's about the big change, being SCHOOL.
I fully own up to being a lazy A. I love to sleep in. I try to be in bed until at least 8:00 am. That is thee best. I resented getting up when it's dark from junior high school and on, and now that I'm at home I take full advantage. Well, school means getting up early, 'cause I really don't want to be the nasty-pajama-no makeup-drop-off mom, and besides, it's not just myself to get ready, I do have 2 other children. This sucks!! Crap man. I already told Jeff one day I was going to take the alarm and smash it to smithereens with a hammer. Well that's just issue #1.
Issue #2 would be that my little Jamie James needs a good 12 hours of sleep. This would require him being in bed by 7:30 pm minimally, and how can I put him to bed when his daddy gets home at that hour? Isn't that a little strange and mean? "Hey Daddy's home! Well g'night!"
Issue #3. There are not really any preschools around here. Yes I am putting him in preschool-- kindergarten is a full day here and I'm not ready for that yet. Plus if I make him older in his grade instead of the youngest then he and Jace can be one year apart in school. Cool. Anyways there is one near us that I thought would be good- first off, is $130 a month a reasonable amount? As this is the only one really around here I don't have anything to compare it to. But here's the thing: I checked it out. I thought it was a downright spooky place. It's in a old methodist church near here and it gave me the shivers. Can I send my kid there? Hmm.
-Well, I decided last week I'd just wait 'til I moved home and put him in kindergarten then. But then when Jennifer kept Jamison for several hours (too many hours! Thank you) and I had time with Jace as my big boy, the wheels started turning again. . .huh. You're probably thinking I'm crazy 'cause school's a break for me. Yeah it is- but if I need a break from one of my kids, it sure as heck ain't my oldest who's getting more independent and helpful every day. But then, there's Jamison's little quote from last week to ponder:
"Mommy I want to go to school. You could just have another baby, and then you'd have 3 boys at home and you'd be okay." Gee, thanks, bud.


Jen said...

Jamison can stay with us anytime. He and Lucas had a ball! There's a lady that works with Jesse who was telling me about this great preschool just behind Asheboro H.S. I'll find out and let you know.

Jessie said...

That's double what I'll be paying to send Henry to preschool this Fall, so yeah, that sounds like a bit much.

What a big decision!

Alissa said...

$130/mo is cheap. truly and honestly. but i guess it depends on how many days/how long. here in FL, it's about $250/mo regardless... delightful, eh?

I'd find a school that you love, because if just visiting creeped you out, you're not gonna be happy with sending him there every day.

Renee said...

Dang...I'm one of those nasty-no-makeup-drop-off moms...poor Weldon! Maybe I'll get my butt showered before I take him to school tomorrow. BUT, I'm not going to hold my breath. :) I'm a slacker. I shower after I drop him off & when Porter is taking a nap... oh well...

Good luck finding a pre-school. Do any of the schools have a pre-school? They do here, at the elementary schools, at least they do in the granite district.

Sorry for the novel.

dena4kids said...

I am one of those nasty no shower Moms and proud of it! heehee. I took Eliza to the preschool behind Asheboro High school and loved it. They are really nice. I think it was only like 65.00 for the month and she went two days a week, but that was back in the day. I will say it was nice for her and me. Just to have that alone time with Emma was nice.

Mandi said...

I said I don't want to be one of those moms, but of course I will be! LOL.

The Schoonies said...

I am in the same boat...Lucie will be in kindergarten this fall and it has been a challenge to think of her starting "real" school!! I don't care what age I am, but it is hard to see your kids grow soooo fast.
Goodluck with finding a school.