Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let's Get Physical

That was one of my ringback tones last year-- I thought it was funny, but I could tell the 1st counselor in the bishopric didn't think so. I don't know why he got that ringtone every time he called me when there was 4 other ones. But anyway,
Jeff had a physical last year. His cholesterol levels were mildly high for his age. So what does a paranoid, hypochondriac like me do? Well, I freak out and make big changes. I think I know who to blame for this cholesterol problem. Lemme 'splain:
4 jobs back, the client was Dreyer's/Nestle. Guess what the men had in their work trailer? A small chest freezer full of ice cream sandwiches, Haagen Dazs pints, drumsticks, push ups (sorry but a sherbet bar is not what comes to mind when I hear "push-up", but anyways), chocolate ice cream bars, and probably much more I don't know about. I knew there was a problem when one time he told me "I did really good today. I only ate 3 things." Dude, how much are you eating the other days??
Anyways, here's our switcheroo lifestyle change:
butter/margarine --- heart healthy butter
-olive or canola oils only
-skim milk only
-Fat free Sour Cream only (the man loves sour cream; takes a bit to get used to but then you don't notice I swear)
-Less cheese
-Less treats
-No pop (er, Soda to y'all in the east)
Now obviously the no pop thing's not gonna help in the cholesterol department. It's just an easy thing to cut out as far as extra sugar. The less treats thing? Well that one was harder to come by. He has this wife who sabatoges that quite often 'cause she doesn't discriminate with desserts. Now all we have to do is send him for a new physical and see how we're doing. One problem: I don't think he wants to go and pass out after they draw his blood again. He said it wasn't fun last time. And in case you were wondering where this random post came from, one, I was thinking about it this weekend as we ate a cheeseball (a.k.a., heart attack rolled in nuts), and b., I oughta go over to the doctor's and have a cholesterol check myself.


Jessie said...

ONLY 3 things? How hilarious!

As in shape as he looks I bet he's doing much better with his cholesterol. Way to go, wifey! A little treat and fat here and there won't hurt.

dena4kids said...

I think we all need to do better. It gets really hard sometimes, when that chocolate is just a'callin your name.=)

WhettenWild said...

That comment about the 3 ice cream treats in one day still cracks me up. I don't eat 3 of those in a month much less a day. I guess it is all relative.....all of those guys eating tons of ice cream everyday.

mmmmmm--cheeseball. =)

The Schoonies said...

Oh, the dreaded cholesterol check...so funny you mentioned it because we just had a message from the dr's office this week that Trent is due for his follow-up!!
Good luck with your checkup Jeff.

Jeremy, Andrea & Halle said...

Jeff bad cholesterol?? I never would have suspected. Jeremy would be in heaven with all that ice cream, I mean like his dream job. I hear ya on trying to eat healty, we did all that a couple of years ago, even substituted flour for whole wheat flour, splenda for sugar, whole wheat pastas, no juice, and no chocolate. It's a killer, but eventually you get used to it!

Jen said...

Who wouldn't want to eat all day if their job consisted to icecream out the wazoo?

Jen said...

Who wouldn't want to eat all day if their job consisted to icecream out the wazoo?

Renee said...

You crack me up! Here's hoping that Jeff's cholesterol is lower. (But dang, he had the good stuff in that little fridge! YUM!)