Friday, May 9, 2008

Dude, Free Food

Jeff's boss was in town yesterday, and he needed a favor from him: drop off his rental car at the Greensboro airport. Yes, Sir! Absolutely. But then he goes, "And take your wife to dinner afterwards." Well gee, if we have to. . . hee hee. Yay! "And it better be a nice place." Again, if we have to. . . Of course I found out after I'd already prepared dinner for the day. D'oh! Well I guess we'll just have dinner already prepared for today. Yay: a break from cooking!So we went to Olive Garden. Now if you are snorting and thinking "That is your nice place?" Well, yeah. I'm a burger and fries kinda gal, OKAY? My boys loved it. They were actually the best behaved they've ever been at a sit-down restaurant; no jumping on the seats or anything (although I was ignoring Jace shooting us with his breadstick gun). They were too overwhelmed by the good food. Jamison said "Mom this place is great! It's delicious! TOO delicious!" Yes, son. It is. Johnny had his first breadstick. Jace loved the salad (although I did catch him throw the onions under the table; they're "too spicy"). And we couldn't go wrong with the peppy-yoni pizza they wanted.
Best of all, I actually have something to eat for lunch today. I have the Tour Of Italy to finish up. 'Mmm.
Note to self: that was 300% of your fat intake for one day. You better compensate for the rest of the week.


WhettenWild said...

YEAH! You guys deserve it! My kids love Olive Garden too.

dena4kids said...

Yummy! Great now I am hungry! Thanks Mandi!=)

WhettenWild said...

I need a place for comments for your "kids say the darndest things" section. Garrison and Hailey are having a great time reading those quotes. They are laughing their heads off. They think Jamison and Jace are so clever!

Jen said...

Love the Olive Garden! You can't go wrong there. I love their cheesecake!