Saturday, May 24, 2008

Aha Moments

Deep thoughts for the week, take 3. Put on your seatbelts.
1. At 12:00 noon Monday, Jeff had his 10th or so temporary crown put on. By 7:00 pm, it had shattered in his mouth. Guess that's what I get for serving steak and a side of jawbreakers. NOT. It was his post-dinner evening bowl of cereal-- again, those fruity pebbles are just murder on the teeth, aren't they? Anyway, Tuesday morning they put a metal one on this time. He swallowed it Friday at lunch. But speaking of being fighting mad,
2. Jace was losing pretty hard during the fight with Jamison on the way out the door to the store. It made him feel infinitely better to tell Jamison we were leaving him home. Speaking of the store,
3. I've unknowingly found a new hobby--embarrassing myself at the grocery store (also, refer to "DECLINED"). As I was already holding up the "10 items or less" line, the box of spaghetti broke out from the bottom. Every step in a 10 ft radius was a crunchy one.
4. And the last trip I took to the store: Jace was so tired he bawled the entire time with an intermittent, strange scream/yell (very similar to Lloyd Christmas' most-annoying-sound-in-the-world). That was pretty embarrassing, too, so I didn't feel all that bad when he got his fingers stuck in the cart. But speaking of Jace,
5. I knew it was time to put up even the butter knives when he poked a hole the size of a dime in the couch. The punishment would have been so much worse if that couch didn't cost $45.
6. I have a new boyfriend. He's my dancing partner on Sunday evening. We dance cheek to cheek, the entire length of the kitchen while I'm cooking. The only thing is he's kind of a lazy butt; he makes me hold up his body weight the entire time. Sometimes he pulls my hair. Oh and occasionally he drools on me. Oh yeah and I call him "my little fatso".
Speaking of whom,
7. Here he is. Aren't those cute jammies? They're Jace's. They're 4T. And speaking of big boys,
8. It was really fun to play "I'm a baby", until Jamison asked for an egg sandwich for breakfast and I told him no way jose, but I did have a jar of veggie baby food with his name on it. Game over. And speaking of game over,
9. I've thought to myself several times, yes! Jeff's online at work. I'll just type him a message so I don't have to bother him with a phone call. And then the messenger box pops up on the computer next to me, saying "Hey hon! How's your day?" and Jace promptly pushes the "X" and closes it. Dang it. How many times am I gonna fall for that? Speaking of Jeff and work,
10. He was late going back to work from his bi-weekly dental visit, searching for a very important pad of paper with an important drawing inside. I found it! 6 hours later. . . in the dryer. This is the leftovers. Nope, not salvageable. And I just made up a new word.

11. Did ya git yerself "Lone Star State Of Mind"? Er seen it already? I decided my favorite quote is: "I guess I should expect that from a guy who's dating his own da$# sister."
12. I am driving myself completely insane trying to figure out just how to take a better picture. I'm dreaming about it at night; I hear the shutter click in my head. Jeff comes in and says to me "you're still staring at those pictures torturing yourself?" Yes. Okay?
13. I made bread again this week. It turned out a bit better, but wasn't quite right. Betty says it's 'cause the water was too warm. Or it wasn't kneaded enough. Or didn't rise enough. Or the pans are too big. Thanks for narrowing it down, Betty.
14. Does it make me a mean mom if I wait to help Johnny just so I can hear him do his girly scream one more time when he's super mad? I just love it. It's real funny.
15. My parents are STILL on their European trip. No offense dad, but you thought the correct spelling was "Cisili"? That's pretty bad, dude. If ya can't spell it, well hmm maybe you shouldn't visit it. Although maybe I ought not be the spelling police since I just made up a word and made up new grammar rules in one post. But with their being gone in mind,
16. How about "damnation"? Yay? Nay?


WhettenWild said...

LOL!! You are cracking me up!

Renee said...

I love these posts...seriously, you make me laugh so hard! :)

dena4kids said...

Love it! I broke a glass jar of salsa in the checkout line before. Not the funnest thing in the world! I can not believe that about Jeff's tooth. I am in shock! so now what are they going to do?