Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You Can Lead A Jace To Water, But You Can't Make Him Drink

Jeff had a revelation while I was away a month back: "Our kids have a drinking problem! I was a freaking bartender the whole time. All they do is drink and then ask for another drink!" Amen, dearest, amen. He continues: "That is way too much juice for them. No kid needs that much juice or milk. Back in my day we drank water, and we liked it!" (okay that was all true except for the old grandpa talk). So, we've stopped purchasing drinks: juice, juice boxes, pop (weren't buying that much anyway), capri suns, beer, everything. Every time I go to the grocery store my kids ask if I picked up some more O.J. No, I haven't.
Well dilemma: it's a big NO on the milk when there's a diarrhea problem. And have you ever cleaned up a milk barf? It's unforgettable. Ew. When your kids drink water as often as, well as often as I actually buy beer, you've got a problem. Yep, we had to break down and buy some gatorade to ensure that no one went dehydrated. Plus, Jace loves milk so much that I've had to beat him off with a stick to keep him from drinking it-- he's asked me every five minutes for a glass of milk. So, buy drinks I did. Enjoy it while it lasts boys 'cause we're not going back to it!

And Heidi I knew this picture would come in handy at some point (was that a wide angle lens? ;). I'm sick of poop. You can imagine what the outside garbage smells like.


Jessie said...

I'm so sorry, Mandi! I've been complaining that my son has had a stuffy nose for 3 weeks and you are dealing with puke and poop! I really hope it gets better soon! GL with the water! I stink at drinking that crap myself.

dena4kids said...

I hope he feels better soon! Noah is really bad about drinking apple juice, he can't get enough of that stuff! He has gotten alittle better lately.(he only wants water when he is sick.Thank goodness!)

The Schoonies said...

Love you and the poop picture! And I agree with you milk is off limits when you are sick!

Jen said...

I hate poop and puke with a passion! I'm so ready for the "hotness" to leave and never come back! I wouldn't be so lucky!