Monday, April 21, 2008

Help me pick my mother's day present!!

Yeah I'm picking out my own mother's day present. This is not as bad as it sounds! Jeff is not a present kind of guy and he'll appreciate it when he doesn't have to feel bad that he forgets in two weeks. I swear. And I do need an apron since I ruined my new white shirt with oil splatter. But help me pick! These are making me laugh too hard. I can't decide!
So true, so true. ..

Don't think Jeff'll appreciate this one too much:

Probably the most accurate:

Because all of my parties are classy and tasteful:

I do love the word "dude":
It's nothing personal ;) :
So vote for me, will ya? You can vote for more than one :)!


dena4kids said...

Those are so funny! I like 10 and #12.HeeheheeeAny of them would be funny.

WhettenWild said...

I think #10 is more appropriate for my kitchen =)

Jen said...

Where did you find these? I need to get some of those. I'd even give some of them for gifts! Very cute!

Mandi said...

I got these on Not the cheapest but not too bad. I think I'm getting my MIL #9.

arianne said...

i don't know which one I like the best! they are all too funny!! :)