Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You LITTLE turd.

If you are thinking, "She didn't really call her child a turd, did she?" Yeah, I did. I teach by example! (Just wait for the post on just how :). While I quickly (really I didn't take a long time!) put my blog back together Jace did this:

And this: The top one would be the leftovers of Sunday's hard-boiled eggs. Such a mess. And now our house smells like a huge fart- as if we needed any more help with that. (For crying out loud almost every time one of our kids toots Jeff says "Yeah. He's a Tremayne." But I digress.)
And then the 2nd would be when he got hold of a sharpie and went to town. I was gonna ask if anyone had any suggestions for how to get that out, but those handy magic erasers did the job. I really ought to stock up on those in food storage.
I know I might make my 2nd son sound like kind of a monster. He's not a monster. That would be silly! Monsters don't exist. He's a nightmare. No really I love my son. He's a sweetheart. And he's just really, really active. Sorta like how Dennis The Menace is active. Sigh.


Heidi said...

yea! you're back! Too bad for the disaster! I can only imagine the "fart" smell that the eggs left. That has to be refreshing. ;)
And those magic erasers really are magic! Love you Mandi. Hope you are feeling better.

arianne said...

i bet your house smells so wonderful!!! get lots of air freshners!! :) I bet you had fun time cleaning up that one!! :)

Renee said...

I'm sorry...weren't we IM'ing? Oh man, I gotta get me some magic erasers!

Mandi said...

YES! Both ;).

Emily said...

Dang that sucks!! Londynn has really been into coloring lately. I'm just waiting to find her artwork on something other than paper. I hope it doesn't happen though.

dena4kids said...

I hate it when my kids draw on the wall! Sorry for the mess, but I sure am glad you are back!=)