Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Just Got To Be A List/Spring Cleaning

I'm just finding myself cleaning the day away. Call me Cinderella. My two evil stepsisters (named Jamison & Jace) make messes and ask for snacks and drinks, and I clean 'em up. One problem though: the house isn't looking clean. How can I clean all day but not have a clean house? Hmm. Dilemma. It's just got to be a list. This way, I can limit my cleaning time, and in the meantime I don't have to feel guilty about what I "should" be doing. As opposed to playing a game of Sudoku on the PS3 or say, reading my book for example ;). And this list looks a little something like this (or exactly like this, ha ha!):

Nope. Can't say I'll stick to it. I'm no perfectionist. Ya might even call me anti-perfectionist. But I just might feel a little less guilty, and a little less chaos. And speaking of chaos:

I pulled all of that out of the boys closet and went through what no longer fits/wrong season(and what kind of idiot makes a bedroom closet the size of a coat closet? For crying out loud). There was no room left for any new outfits. And it's definitely time to hang the new summer clothes:
Aaaahhhh. Much better.


Jen said...

I need to go through the boys' clset too! I think everychid these days needs their own walk in closet. HEY Cinderella, when you're done I need you to mop my floors, do my mending, wash my drapes, and you yes, give Lucifer a bath:-)

Heidi said...

I love lists...thought they don't always help. I do feel they help me get a handle on the situation. The closet does look nice. I need to do that in autumn's closet too.

Emily said...

my house next?

Jessie said...

Way to go! I may be adopting your list.

The Schoonies said...

You are one busy lady! I can relate to the feeling of cleaning like crazy and still not feeling like you end the day with a clean house:)

arianne said...

i like the list idea. I need to do that too. I too feel that I can clean ALL day and by the time DH gets home the house is a wreck again!!

I need to go through my clothes too, clothes that fit and clothes I WANT TO FIT into!! :) ha ha